About Me

Welcome to my page!  I hope that you find it enjoyable and full of great ideas and tricks for your elementary classroom.  

Just a little bit about myself.  I graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Education and a minor in special education.  I am currently a 2nd grade teacher in Indiana and LOVE it!  I have taught 1st grade, special education, and looped from 1st to 2nd grade for a few years.  All of these moments have brought me to the teacher that I am happy to be!

More importantly, I am also a wife and mother to a beautiful baby girl who is 2 years old.  That journey has been eye-opening.  I didn't think I could love anyone as much as I do her.  She helps keep me balanced between work and home (otherwise I would live at school..... I know you know what I'm talking about ;)  We are also expecting our 2nd child next year!  I may need to do some, "Where My Momma's At?" posts to keep me sane...lol. 

Professionally, I love researching and staying on top of education trends.  I also enjoy finding tips and tricks that will make my life (and hopefully yours) a little easier in the classroom!  So, jump on in with me and let's take this journey together and learn from each other!  Ready, set, go.......

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